Soweto Indie Artist Mayhem KS Drops EP Titled Escape

Today, Soweto grown indie musician, Mayhem KS, dropped his 5th project titled Escape, and with this, he has shared his most honest musical journey after taking time to fine-tune his sound and use his true inner voice. He has described this particular work as a musical tool to encourage anyone listening to look to their inner selves.

We caught up with Mayhem KS to find out more about the EP and here’s what he had to say about it:

“Growing up I wrote a lot of songs while spending time alone. I always had a vivid imagination but I suppressed it because in Hip Hop you gotta be “real”. On this EP, I find a balance between creating fantasy and expressing vulnerability from my real-life experiences while experimenting with a more dark, minimalistic sound that I feel suits my style best. This project serves to encourage people to ESCAPE to their inner paradise away from the noisy outer world” he expressed.

You can stream/listen to the EP here

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