Le’Afrinique is a news & entertainment platform “plugging you with the coolest in Music & Art” content that is relevant and informative!

In Music, Le’Afrinique keeps the reader updated with the latest music releases, collaborations, and other news concerning their favourite musicians in various genres. Within this, we have pillars that zoom into Music with original & timely content. #LAChats is where we host our monthly interviews. Here the reader gets to understand some of the thought processes behind their favourite work and where the creators’ headspace was as they were creating the work. #LAEvents is the section that keeps our readers updated with entertaining events and can spot events they would love to attend. #LAPlugs features our curated playlists, as well as playlists & DJ, mixes by our creator friends. This section ensures we keep our connection with our readers flowing even when they are not browsing for news. It also features curated editorial articles with recommended shoppable items for Music & Art lovers. In Art, the same applies to Music and the updates are more focused on what artists (from all disciplines from Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Fashion, Dance, etc.) are up to and their work.

Our readers also get to explore content that touches on Entertainment, Fashion & Beauty, Film & Video, Lifestyle, Social Good, Tech & Digital, Lifestyle, and Travel & Spaces. Here, the news may not be entirely focused on Music & Art but there’s a link through the appearances of musicians, artists or brands.

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