DJ Sabby Bids YFM Farewell, Leaving Behind A 10-Year Legacy

Radio & TV personality, DJ Sabby, is set to bid farewell to YFM after a solid 10-years at the station, leaving behind a legacy as a trailblazer and being at the forefront locally of connecting the continent through music. DJ Sabby will mark the end of his YFM era with his last show on Friday, 26 March 2020. “I found my voice on YFM and I got to harness my skills and perfect my craft to what it is today,” shares DJ Sabby.

He adds: “When I reflect on my years at YFM, I truly had an organic growth within the YFM umbrella and for me that’s genuinely one thing I loved about the space because every year I could point out my growth and work on my weaknesses. Joined daytime radio at 23 years old hosting lunch, moved to drive at 25 years old. Those are some amazing achievements that I got to tick off my wish-list within my twenties. A few accolades that came with it and passport stamps. Timeless memories.”

“I have had the honor of working with DJ Sabby for nine of his 10 years at YFM. Sabby epitomizes professionalism and commitment. We will miss his charming and charismatic nature at the station. We wish him every success,” says Haseena Cassim, MD of YFM.

Having joined YFM in April 2010 via the Y-Academy and at the end of October of the same year, DJ Sabby was offered a trainee slot and traffic reporter position – this was the start of his pioneering journey with YFM.

DJ Sabby is a name synonymous with trailblazing and premier radio. His ground-breaking drive-time show made history as the longest-running drive show ever within YFM as well as on all urban radio within South Africa. The Best Drive received critical acclaim racking up multiple “Best Drive Time Show” radio nominations within its 5-year run.

DJ’s Sabby’s international footprint in radio moves past The Best Drive. In late 2019, DJ Sabby joined the BBC’s radio show called #ThisIsAfrica, hosted by DJ Edu, as a correspondent profiling African acts within the music space.

As DJ Sabby prepares to embark on a new journey, he leaves this message for his loyal listeners: “I am forever grateful that everyday I’m on the air you’ve opted to listen to me when you have hundreds and thousands of options at the palm of your fingertips. Let’s take it forward and wherever I go – the new and loyal supporters are welcome.”

About his next chapter DJ Sabby shares: “I am so excited and nervous at the same time. The butterflies in my stomach are louder at this moment and that’s the feeling that keeps me going because once it goes off – I’d be scared. I am excited to meet new people, a new team to rep, introduce myself to new listeners and grow in spaces that I am not familiar with at the moment, but most importantly to engage in new ideas with a different approach to my current template.”

Connect with DJ Sabby on social media to bid him farewell and keep posted for news on his next radio chapter to be announced soon.

Connect with DJ Sabby:

Facebook: DJ Sabby

Twitter: @SabbyTheDJ

Instagram: @DJ_Sabby

Clubhouse: SabbyTheDJ


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