14-Year-Old Gabrielle Releases Sassy Debut Single ‘Nasty’

Talent is something that can be cultivated with passion, motivation, patience and practice. Armoured with all four, 14-year-old Gabrielle has spent most of her life developing and perfecting her skills in singing, acting and modelling. With no time to waste, the youngster utilised lockdown as an opportunity to write and record her debut single, Nasty. As with Gabrielle, the track is no short of personality, and hits all the right notes. It is however not just a groovy number, but comprises a crucial message around bullying.

Gabrielle explains, “My debut single Nasty was written during lockdown level 5 during my first year in high school. Communication was mainly online and I was trying to form new relationships with the other students. This opened up a lot of opportunities for bullying. Cyberbullying rates across the world grew tremendously during this time. Having been a victim of bullying since grade 4, I took this time to write the song using my own experiences as material. I let it all out, expressing how I felt.”

With this song, Gabrielle has brought to light some pressing issues affecting children around the world and wants to use her song as a means to open communication about the matter in social circles worldwide.

She says, “In my song, the message I would like to get across is that being nasty is toxic and should be a tragic act. We need to do more to stop it. We should all stick together instead of isolating one another, we need to help each other get through this poignant time in history.”

Nasty was produced by Gino Lee at River Road Records

Download or stream ‘Nasty’ here: http://hyperurl.co/nui2ul

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