Zoe Modiga’s Inganekwane Voted Dopest Album Cover of 2020

Born out of their love of hip hop and design, visual artist and podcaster Mr MediaX first partnered with art director and radio show host Touch da 8th Wanda in 2019 to pay homage to some of the best album covers they came across within the culture of hip hop. After a tricky but successful pilot episode in 2019 wrapping up all the best album covers of that year, they decided to come back stronger in 2020 and release a full season of bi-weekly album cover reviews on their “African Design League” YouTube channel.

Instagram: @DopestAlbumCovers

In Top 10 Dopest Album Covers of 2020, we see the two hip hop and design school enthusiasts go back and forth as they attempt to debate, curate and celebrate the most aesthetically pleasing and enriching album covers of 2020 from hip hop culture – as well as showcasing the often unknown visual architects behind these striking visuals. Watch the duo give their takes on some of the best visual album work to be released in 2020 highlighting the works of rising designers, photographers and artists who collaborated on album covers with some of the biggest hip-hop acts in South Africa, the USA and around the world.


In this official season 1, Mr MediaX & Touch da 8th Wonder bring to fore-front an often underrated conversation within the culture as they highlight the best – and sometimes even the worst – that hip hop has to offer in terms of cover art visuals and design. Join the conversation and hashtag #DopestAlbumCovers and stay on the lookout for new episodes every two weeks. 


With Zoe Modiga at #1, check out who made else it on the Top 10 list!


Mr MediaX | IG @Mr_MediaX 

TouchDa8thWanda | IG @TouchDa8thWnda

2020 Panelists for Dopest Album Cover of the Year:

MX – Musician, Designer & Content Producer | IG @MXSouthAfrica 

Hope Mbhele – Presenter & Media Personality | IG @Hope_Mbhele 

Selloane Moeti – Visual Artist | IG @Blk_Peach

Xola Thabo Masuku – Founder of Movehiphop.co.za | IG @XolaThabo

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