‘You People’ Are All The Same , Says Nando’s

“You people” is a phrase often used by South Africans when describing people who are different to them. It’s a phrase that goes hand in hand with an unconscious bias. It’s used in jest, as a slight and even in outright confrontation – and many South Africans are likely to have used the phrase at one time or another.

We’ve all been guilty, some more than others, of you peopling us people. It’s what makes you people all the same, Nonke!

In a hilarious ‘a-ha’ moment, Nando’s highlights the ways in which South Africans typically stereotype one another and the hypocrisies that go with that.

“A year ago we reminded South African’s that we can fix our sh!t and this ‘you peopling’ is something we can all fix. If you’re watching our ad and say “I’ve done that” (hopefully with a guilty smile), then we’ve been successful at starting a crucial conversation – hopefully one that starts with ‘us people’.” Says Doug Place, Chief Marketing Officer at Nando’s.

You’ll find uniquely South African scenes from all walks of life knowingly and unknowingly pigeonholing one another.

Watch the ad here

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