Wiretribe: A SubWav Label Compilation

Wiretribe is Subterranean Wavelength’s debut label compilation featuring exclusive unreleased contributions from the South African leftfield electronica label’s roster. The compilation was curated to serve as an introduction to the artists and their sound, as well as to capture the blossoming plumage of electronica emerging from the Joburg scene at the moment. 
Subterranean Wavelength or SubWav was founded in 2014 as an open-call compilation aimed at regionally exposing the South African beat scene.  In 2015 it organically evolved into its own label. The label aspires to be the safe haven for some of the stranger creators/composers of local music to reside: The home of the afro-avant-garde. Wiretribe is a phantasmagoric exploration brimful of broody beatscapes and glitch, synth-driven music.  
The record is an audio manifesto of sorts, engorged with themes of Afrocentrism envisioned in its future forms. It asks what if we could plug in to our precolonial selves with modern technology, what compositions could we construct? The result is a collaborative smelting of mystic, harmonious histories infused into rigid, chaotic futures.
The compilation was arranged and executive produced by Micr.Pluto for Subterranean Wavelength.

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