[WATCH] Gabrielle Releases Music Video For Her Debut Single ‘Nasty’

Last month, Gabrielle, new on the scene and hot on everyone lips, released her debut single to critical acclaim. Early on, she caught the attention of industry heavyweights, magazine editors and radio show hosts, rising from anonymity to stardom in mere seconds. Her song Nasty has provided a soundtrack for a very difficult time in history. Not only is the track lighting up the airwaves but it tells an important story. Penned by Gabrielle herself, the song looks at issues around bullying. A victim of bullying, Gabrielle wanted to share her story in a way that most people can relate to – through song and now visually through her music video.

She explains, “My music video is intended to give an example of the school environment while being bullied. At school, I have always felt different and never fitted in. We have scenes in the classroom, bathroom and school hallway, which are all places I have been bullied before.” Her wish is that this video provides others with the inspiration to stand up for themselves, to reach out for help and to become empowered by the knowledge that ‘you are never alone. “Never lose hope,” she says.

Lucky enough to have loved ones in her life to lean on, Gabrielle hopes that she too can be an inspiration for those less fortunate than her. Wanting to pay homage to her own pillars of support, the songstress roped in her closest friends to be a part of the music video.

She says, “I filmed my music video during my last week of school, it was super exciting. The dancers and actors are all friends I’ve made in preparation for the International Modelling and Talent (IMTA) convention, which takes place in July this year. Everyone was so excited and gave it their all. Two of the dancers and actors have been my lifelong friends and it was amazing to share the experience with them as they know my journey from the beginning.”

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