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Vth Season, one of Africa’s leading Talent Management and Entertainment Marketing Agencies, is set to host another edition of the VTHSymposium which will be a candid conversation on the complexity of artist and agency relationships in South Africa.

The VTHSymposium discussion will be steered by Vth Season’s directors, Raphael Benza and Ninel Musson, who have called on Mutha Land’s Lance Stehr and Bradley Williams, who has helped in pioneering the SA hip-hop culture to drive the conversation; who between the two of them have over 40 years of experience in the music industry.


Date: Tomorrow, Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Time: 3pm – 6pm

Location: Asanka Restaurant, cnr Rivonia Road & Mutual Road, Rivonia, Sandton

Access: Invitation only – email admin@vthseason.com for your invite


“The VTHSymposium is for those looking to get knowledge and skills through learning from experts in the field of Creative Marketing and the Music Industry,” shares Raphael Benza.


Ninel Musson adds: “We’re excited to host yet another edition of the VTHSymposium. We always strive to have different conversations around the business of music and look forward to hosting some of SA’s music industry pioneers to lead the discussion tomorrow.”

A key success of the VTHSymposium lies not only in Vth Season providing a platform to discuss trends and various aspects of the music industry, but to relate them to other sectors outside of music and show their relationship.

Previous VTHSymposiums have devolved into topics such as Influencer Marketing which was led by a Marketing Manager at Pernod Riccard; The Digital Revolution in Record Label Management in South Africa looking at Major Labels versus Independent Labels which was led by Sony’s Paul Thackwray and Siya “Slikour” Metane, founder of Slikour On Life.

Tomorrow’s VTHSymposium is expected to be just as informative as previous editions and will unpack the various aspects of artist management from a voice other than the artist’s, which often goes unheard.

Don’t miss out on what is expected to be one of the biggest music conversations to date. Email admin@vthseason.com to enquire about an invitation and secure your space.

Join in on the conversation online about what you think of the artist and agency relationship in SA by using the hashtag VTHSymposium and tagging @vthseason.


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Twitter: @VTHSeason

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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLByRrFq3D0sfhPClWL5uXw


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