Volkswagen’s Mswenko Polo Adds That “Thing” To Mzansi Streets

Mswenko has arrived and it’s given Mzansi streets a fresh new look. Meet the first-ever Volkswagen with a South African name, a locally-manufactured stylish new ride which embodies that ‘thing’ that makes us, us – it’s ‘Mswenko’ like we’ve never seen it before.

To celebrate the launch of this limited-edition ride, Volkswagen has partnered with Mzansi’s hottest young creatives, GALXBOY (founded by Thatiso Dube) and Yay Abe (Russell Abrahams), to create a range of limited-edition pieces inspired by ‘Mswenko’.

“The GALXBOY range is inspired by the Polo Vivo Mswenko design and re-imagined in a street-inspired style. My exclusive range is an ode to our streets and exudes that quintessential confidence that defines “Mswenko”, said Thatiso Dube founder and head designer of GALXBOY.

Yay Abe illustrator, Russel Abrahams from Cape Town adds, “Whether it’s pen to paper, or spray can to wall – I live “Mswenko”. I drew inspiration from Jozi street culture, from the way people walk to the way the city is constantly buzzing, there’s this effortlessness of style that is unmatched. I’ve never pushed my style in this direction before and this collaboration with Volkswagen was perfect to flex and own my voice.”

South Africans can stand the chance to win these limited-edition pieces by GALXBOY and Yay Abe by joining the #MswenkoChallenge. Join the #MswenkoChallenge by creating your own Mswenko-inspired pieces. These can be anything from a design, dance, a beat or even a poetry piece. 

To enter, visit to find out more.

Entries close on 7 February 2021 and will be judged by GALXBOY and Yay Abe.

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