Try The Turbine’s Themed Thursday Evenings

The Turbine Boutique Hotel and Spa – the vibey, quirky and eclectic hotel housed in the historic shell of a former power station, situated in the centre of Thesen Island, in Knysna, provides an experience that is far from the ordinary.  With its luxurious spa, elegant Island Café restaurant, cosy Gastro Pub, a pool with a view on the wooden deck, watersports, kayaking, a sunset cruise on the lagoon, hiking into the ancient Knysna Forest, paragliding from the mountains across the beautiful bays, it always delivers something different.

At the Turbine’s fabulous Themed Thursday evenings food connoisseurs and travel enthusiasts can savour flavours from around the world with a culinary journey through six countries:

  • On 2 May be transported to Greece via the iconic Greek dishes that we all know and love – from baklava to spanikopita, moussaka to tzatziki and many more …
  • On 6 June it’s your chance to head off to Argentina for  a cuisine that is a cultural blending of Mediterranean influences and experience the most flavourful dishes you’ll have tasted in a while- grilled meat from the asado (barbecue), steak and beef ribs, chorizo (pork sausage), morcilla (blood sausage), chinchulines (chitterlings), mollejas (sweetbread) and more…
  • On 4 July celebrate America’s Independence day on the with  some of the  typical traditional foods that you will find at a Fourth of July feast – barbeque delights, Hot Dogs, Burgers, wedges, fries and dips galore – you’re sure to be wanting more…
  • On 1 August go east to Korea and experience its unique spicy cuisine – largely based on rice, vegetables and meats – Kimchi, Spicy Pork Belly, Scallion Pancakes, Dashi and other  traditional dishes…
  • Head back to Europe on 5 September for hearty and delicious German comfort foods – Wiener Schnitzel, Rouladen, Spätzle, Eintopf, Sauerbraten, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, and Apfelstrudel – Guten Appetit!  … and don’t forget the beer – Prost!
  • On 30 October visit Malagasy (Madagascar) – with its rich and diverse culture reflected in a variety of culinary offerings – Romazava (the national dish); mashed cassava (manioc) leaves (Ravitoto) and Tilapia (fish cooked in sauce) are some of what you may relish.
  • And on 7 November – Tuscany, Italy – discover what Tuscan cuisine is all about… from the famous bistecca alla fiorentina to the mysterious trippa – Buon Appetito!


Bookings are essential for this something different and out-of-the-ordinary Cultural Culinary Treat on Turbine Thursdays – R165 per adult – guests are invited to dress according to the country.

And there’s more – enjoy the Turbine’s Wine Evenings on 25 April (Org-de Rac wine and food pairing) with Lani Groves,  a cellist and vocalist in various genres – jazz, classical, rock, contemporary and underground music; also 30 May, 27 June and 25 July; the popular Buffet Sundays -at Island Cafe from 12.30 – 16:00 at R205 per person (kids less 50%)- where, on Mother’s Day classical violinist Minx  will delight with her modern, mischievous and energetic performance; and on Father’s Day, Olga, an accomplished pianist will keep the Dad’s entertained; Happy Hour at the Gastro Pub – every Friday between 17:30 and 19:30 and Liquid Sunsets on Geoff’s Deck – every last Friday of the month with  live music – on Friday 26 April it is the turn of the well-known local guitarist William Ferreira , a firm favourite at many local pubs and restaurants and make a note – on Turbine Thursdays there is a 20% discount in Island Cafe and Gastro Pub.

Other upcoming activities in and around The Turbine include the Knysna Motor Show on 28 April; the Jaguar Hill climb (3-6 May); Pink Loerie from Thursday 30 May – Sunday 2 June- wine; Knysna Oyster Festival (Friday 21 – Sun 30 June) – the Turbine’s “Grab ‘n Go” Coffee on the deck; Knysna Cycle Tours – MTB 21-22 June and Road Race – 23 June.

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