The Zone Launches Its Walking Gallery By Graffiti Artist, Falko One

Embracing its trendy and arty atmosphere, The Zone @ Rosebank has launched a unique Walking Gallery, showcasing remarkable pieces created by renowned Capetonian graffiti artist, Falko One, and curated by the talented bureau BrainFarm. The Walking Gallery’s primary subject matter celebrates local culture, diversity, nature and beauty and also serves as a platform to pay special tribute to iconic South Africans, such as South African musical icon, Johnny Clegg

The most recent completion for The Walking Gallery was The Crossing, which was created for The Zone in honour of Johnny Clegg’s life, artistry, and legacy. This piece is located on the underside of The Zone’s main extended bridge, which allows for a special view when walking underneath it. Falko One realised that the bridge resembles that of a guitar neck and proposed using Johnny Clegg’s hands on the guitar. The physical crossing of this bridge represents his famous song, The Crossing

Falko One is amongst the most respected and talented graffiti artists in the country and has been strongly influential in the growth of the South African graffiti culture. 

“This artwork is special to me. Using the bridge to represent such a powerful song, The Crossing, makes for a unique manner in which to celebrate one of our iconic musicians. It was an opportunity that I could not pass over”, says Falko One when discussing The Walking Gallery’s, The Crossing artwork.

The Walking Gallery currently consists of five hard-to-miss artworks sweeping the mall; Mane Land, Octopool, Drink Green, Jack The Beanstalk and The Crossing with more commissions to come. 

Find the art, and let the art find you at The Zone @ Rosebank. 

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