The Voices Of Then And Now – A Celebration Of South Africa’s Strong Female Voices

Music has always provided a voice in times of struggle and in times of triumph, and South Africa’s rich heritage of music is a prime example of how music can raise awareness and bring about change.

In celebration of Women’s Month, Spotify is honouring the inspirational female voices that have helped shape South Africa – both the legends of yesteryear and present-day artists, who are becoming a force in their own right.

South African female musicians have a history of resiliently lending their voices to various causes. Between 1960 and 1990, two of many of South Africa’s legendary artists released songs that stand out to his day. In 1960 Miriam Makeba released Ndodemnyama, and became a key figure in using her voice to bring the world’s attention to South Africa’s turbulent times. Many years later the strong-willed, vivaciousBrenda Fassie released Black President, an ode to former president Nelson Mandela and a new South Africa. Both songs are reflective of the power their voices held and how they mobilised masses to act out against injustice but also to celebrate a new era.

The voices and causes may have changed over the years but what they do have in common is that they cannot be ignored. A commonality and theme that can be seen throughout the decades and generations is that of acceptance. To be who you are freely and unapologetically and for all of society to accept you as such.

Artists like Shekinah, who is currently the most streamed South African female artist on Spotify, Sho Madjozi and Toya DeLazy are a just a few of the young female artists today who have not fallen into a mould of what pop/rap female artist in in the 21st century ‘should’ be. Each artist has carved their own path and identity under one genre.

What we can take from artists, past and present, is that whatever you choose to do, do it with passion and stick to your truth.

Join in the celebration of honouring South Africa’s female voices and create your own ‘female voices of Africa’ playlist on Spotify, tapping into the inspirational artists who have and are making their voices heard across the nation and beyond. You can also enjoy the SA Gold playlist, which includes top local artists, across the gender spectrum, including Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Brenda Fassie, Miriam Makeba,ZaharaLira and more.

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