The Third Isandlwana Lecture Set To Take Place At Soweto Theatre

Following another dry season for the creative industry, particularly those in the performing arts due to the COVID-19 resurgence this year Mbuso Khoza the award-winning vocalist and a cultural & heritage enthusiast will present the 3rd live Isandlwana Lecture at the Soweto Theatre on 27 – 30 May 2021. Speaking about the upcoming cultural spectacle, Mbuso Khoza had this to say; “It is said that delay does not mean denied. We are excited that there has been some progress in containing the spread of the brutal Corona Virus which led to the Battle of Isandlwana Lecture being put on hold. Our safety comes first, and it is our responsibility as a people to abide by the rules that ultimately save lives. It has been a challenging period in terms of maintaining our livelihood, but we are happy that we can bring the people together during the month of May to celebrate not just one milestone, but two!

“Over five and a half decades ago Africa came out to exhibit their determination to free itself from foreign exploitation and domination and declared May 25 – Africa Day. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, we thought it to be an opportune time to bring the biggest African victory to the stage of festivities and have our Isandlwana Lecture presentation during this month. The Battle of Isandlwana is a story of pride not only for the Zulu nation of South Africa, but for the Continent as it marked a new era for us and its colonisers,” says Khoza.

According to Mbuso Khoza, art is the most influential channel to make the intangible heritage felt, so in pursuit of reviving Afrikan unity, it is very important to use it without dividing our people. “We continue to draw inspiration from our roots as we redefine our identity using the body of work bequeathed to us by our forebears in the arts, culture and intellectual disciplines. I believe that as an artist, my job is to mirror views and feelings of my people. Africa Month serves as a tool to spread the message of patriotism and victory. With the universal language of music we want to contribute towards strengthening our role in society,” says Khoza.

This performance follows various webinars held with other creative practitioners as a road to the actual presentation on the lecture with a twist. People who have attended the previous live lectures know the captivating story told through song and narration and most have graced more than one of these sessions.

Khoza and The Afrikan Heritage Ensemble will give audiences an enchanting performance when they interpret Amahubo, the music from 17th century southern Africa region, concretising this marriage of past and present with the view into the future. The ensemble will also explore the relationship between Amahubo and the songs of struggle.

Appreciators of authentic cultural and heritage entertainment are encouraged to avoid delays in purchasing their tickets for the upcoming Isandlwana Lecture, bearing in mind that ticket sales went live earlier in the year before the event had to be postponed. Patrons are also reminded of the COVID-19 restrictions, entry will be on a first come first serve principle.

Those lucky enough to secure the tickets for the Joburg Theatre shows will be mesmerized by the vitality, originality and the stimulating qualities of this long-abandoned art-form whose relevance remains uncontested centuries later.

To be part of this enchantment book your tickets for R150 at or call 0861 670 670

Featured Photo by Sbonga Gatsheni

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