The Perfect Shade Of Pink – My Morganite Jewellery Launches In South Africa

Coloured gemstones such as Morganite, Sapphire and Aquamarine are gaining popularity across a range of jewellery, as consumers start to experience more with colour. Morganite was first discovered around the turn of the 20th century on the remote islands of Madagascar, and it has been admired for its soft colours and rarity ever since.

Morganite is the pink variety of the gemstone species known as Beryl and is now mined in many areas around the world, however the best stones usually hail from Madagascar, Mozambique and Brazil. Most recently Nigeria has gifted us with some stunning examples.  Other varieties of Beryl include Aquamarine and Emerald, in fact, Morganite was once called “Pink Emerald” and “Rose Beryl”. With all rare gems, a lot of hard work goes into removing tons of soil and rock to reveal the high-quality stones hidden beneath the soil. Morganite mining is mostly done with basic mining techniques by locals living nearby to the gem deposit. Supply often dwindles as deposits “dry” up or rainfall floods the diggings. Obtaining the most desired colours in usable sizes can be extremely difficult and requires highly experienced gemstone dealers and cutters to select and cut the best quality stones that are worthy of setting into jewellery.

Clayton Hood, qualified gemologist says, “Most of the gem morganite available are a very light shade of pink, in fact sometimes appearing colourless or a dusty brown. The most valued hues are a well saturated soft pink, similar to the petals of a lotus flower and of course the beautiful slightly orangey peach similar to a Rose Champagne, which we describe as “Champagne Peach”. As with most coloured gemstones, small inclusions and imperfections can be expected. The most important characteristic to consider when buying Morganite is its colour and secondly the clarity. A stone may have inclusions but if they are only visible under magnification and very faintly visible to the naked eye then most of your concern should be with the stones colour.”

My Morganite source, cut, polish and create unique pieces of jewellery from the rare Morganite gem. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for someone special or looking to add a treasured item to your own jewellery collection, owning a piece of Morganite jewellery is on every woman’s wish list.

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