The Melrose Gallery Launches Sculptx | 7 – 8 September 2017

Melrose Arch has partnered with The Melrose Gallery to launch SculptX, an exciting new sculpture programme, in September 2017.

SculptX consists of The SculptX Park and The SculptX Fair, and includes the book launch of ‘Paul’, the second monograph of of recently-passed sculptor Paul du Toit’s work.

The SculptX Park is an urban sculpture park that will see large sculptural works by some of South Africa’s foremost sculptors gracing public areas throughout the precinct on a permanent basis. The first of these sculptures will be officially unveiled on the 7th of September 2017 and others will roll out at different times of the year.

The SculptX Park aims to add to the beauty of the precinct whilst providing a valuable platform for sculptors to showcase their works and added value for those who work, live and play in Melrose Arch. “We expect that The SculptX Park will become a popular destination for art lovers and tourists alike” explains Craig Mark, Director, The Melrose Gallery.

The SculptX Fair will run for the month of September every year and will consist of various sculpture related activations and exhibitions in different venues throughout the Melrose Arch precinct.

The inaugural SculptX Fair launches with ‘SculptX’ a large group exhibition at The Melrose Gallery that features works by more than 30 of South Africa’s most established and emerging sculptors and a few invited artists from other countries. The exhibition opens to the public on 07 September and runs until 08 October.

Participating artists include the likes of Willie Bester, Pat Mautloa, Noria Mabasa, Wilma Cruise, Anton Smit, Carl Roberts, Pitika Ntuli, Gordon Froud, Ndabuko Ntuli, Arlene Wandera (Kenya), Collen Maswanganyi, Paul du Toit, Thabo Pitso, George Halloway, Andre Stead, Stanislaw Trzebinski, Rodney Place, Thulani Zondo, William Sweetlove (Belgium), Samuel Allerton, Ella Cronje, Trevor Potter, Martyn Schickerling, Alexander von Kritzinger, Jaco Kruger, Monica van den Berg and Heidi Hadaway amongst others.

‘Remembering Paul du Toit’

One of the highlights of the SculptX Fair 2017 will be an exhibition of more than 30 artworks by Paul du Toit that will form part of the group exhibition and the Johannesburg release of his book which will take place in The Melrose Gallery. Ashraf Jamal, the editor, and Lorette du Toit, Paul’s widow, will attend the opening.

This captivating book includes contributions from 5 writers who were given full access to the archive established after Paul’s death. They drew inspiration from the many notebooks, scribblings, thoughts and diaries left behind to explore the various influences on Paul’s creative output.

Editor Ashraf Jamal opens the book by calling for Paul’s oeuvre to be reassessed by the art world. Tim Leibbrandt explores Paul’s love of punk music in ‘A Punk Odyssey’. Anna Stielau analyses Paul’s search for Utopia and Sarah McCarthy reflects on Paul’s love of sculpture and specifically his public piece ‘Into Tomorrow’. Archivist Claire McNulty highlights some intriguing aspects of Paul’s creative legacy.
The book is richly and generously illustrated with many of Paul’s standout works and examples of the diverse mediums in which he worked.

The Melrose Gallery intends to continue to expand on our efforts to provide a valuable platform for African sculptors in Johannesburg. We welcome approaches from sculptors who are keen to present concepts for the myriad of spaces that exist within the Melrose Arch precinct for the Urban Sculpture Park and SculptX 2018.

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