The Making Of #TheSneAKA | Episode 1: The Ambition

Reebok South Africa (SA) has collaborated with AKA to create a unique limited edition of sneakers that will be distributed across South Africa. Providing insight into the creation of the shoe called SneAKA, Reebok SA has released the first of a six-episode series that shows the making of the shoe leading up to the launch.

Over the next few weeks, they’re giving followers of the two brands unprecedented access into the design of #TheSneAKA.

”The last couple of years with Reebok have been amazing, in terms of us making strides in doing things that have never been done before in South Africa,” explains AKA. “When I started with Reebok, one of my main goals was to embed myself in the brand to the point that we’re making product together. The whole [sneaker designing] process was opened up to me, so I could see and understand what goes into it.”

PJ Morilly, Brand Director of Reebok SA, explains the brand’s vision when kicking off the collaboration, and how Reebok ensured that the project takes precedence.

“We agreed from both sides that if we were going to do this, we were going to do it right,” he says. “We needed to get AKA out to Reebok headquarters in the United States to dig in with the designers first hand, and really do this properly and push the envelope”.

AKA reiterates Moriily’s sentiments, adding, “I think what we’re doing right now is something that a lot of other brands will look at us and think ‘Why didn’t we do that?’ That’s what Reebok and AKA is all about. It’s about being cutting-edge. It’s about being ahead of the pack. That’s why we’re here. This is only the start,” concludes AKA.

The SneAKA is a highly exclusive limited edition product. Only 600 pairs are being made. Each box is individually numbered and signed by AKA, with each pair coming with a certificate of authenticity. The SneAKA will be available for purchase on October 26th at, and a limited number will also be available for purchase in Reebok stores.

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