The Lowdown On Costa Titch & Alfa Kat’s Converse Looks

Picking your outfit for a festival can be a little daunting, you have to be on trend, comfortable and look ‘cool’ too! What better way to stand out and make a statement at any festival, than with Converse? In support of local culture and creatives, this generation of artists, rappers, singers, photographers and creatives as a whole, is being spearheaded by the create next movement by Converse in support of their endeavours and journeys. This was evident at Cotton Fest this past weekend, where we saw various artists, dressed in Converse drip.

South African rapper and songwriter, Costa Titch, famously known for his hit songs Nkalakatha and Activate, took to the stage at Cotton Fest dressed in Converse showing us to stand out from the crowd and tap into creative and fun fashion. In regards to his performance, Costa says, “We wanted to change the set design with the snow theme, brought to life with the lighting, styling and visuals. This was done to create an international experience and a world-class show.“

Costa in Converse Tree of Life long-sleeved tee and sneakers. Get the look: 

This year, Alfa Kat also performed on the (stage) dripped in Converse. Alfa Kat is a young talented South African rapper, a force to reckon with, having produced mega-hits like Piano Piano. 

Alfa in Converse Varsity Padded Bomber. Get the look:

Be the center of attention with vibrant colours and bold prints. Or keep it classic with a low-top or high-top style. No matter your style, Converse has you covered. 

Above being a fashion brand, as a lifestyle brand, Converse, Creates Next.

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