The KIFFNESS Ode Of Blessing For SA Healthcare Professionals

As the Covid-19 Virus continues to spread across South Africa, the African continent and the globe, we should acknowledge the people at the forefront of this fight, our healthcare fraternity. With over 1400 cases (*as of 02/04/2020) of coronavirus recorded in South Africa, there is no denying that the statistics surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic can feel overwhelming.  In the face of immense stress and trauma, we have witnessed the rise of something incredible in our beloved South Africa, a sense of ubuntu and unity across our country in support of healthcare workers.

The Kiffness, a well-known South African Band in association with Adcock Ingram OTC’s Sponsors of Brave Campaign, has released a song dedicated to supporting Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses and other healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19. “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You,” was chosen by David Scott, founder of The Kiffness, is an old Irish blessing often used as a prayer that has travelled throughout the centuries, to protect people on their challenging journeys.

David Scott explains, “I was a member of the KZN Youth Choir in 2004, and ‘An Irish Blessing’ was a song we often sang at concerts. It was always one of my favourite songs to sing, not only because of its beautiful words and melody but for its ability to stir my emotions and uplift my spirits. It was also a great opportunity to finally work with my wife, Jute, as we are in lockdown together”.

The song originally in English now includes isiZulu and Afrikaans, David says: “I wanted to add Zulu and Afrikaans to the song to bring it home for our healthcare workers. Mandela once said that if you talk to a language he understands, it goes to his heart.”

The Kiffness has created three parodies that have made both local and international headlines reaching millions of people through social media. David explains why he decided not to do another parody  -“I have been posting funny remakes of some popular songs like ‘Toto – Africa’ and ‘Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody’, but it didn’t seem quite right to use parody music to say thank you to the incredible work that our healthcare professionals are doing. I wanted to create something that was completely heartfelt, and sincerely hope that any healthcare professional who sees the video will feel encouraged.”

Adcock Ingram OTC ‘Sponsors of Brave’ spokesperson Yudhveer Singh explains, “In these very trying times we have called on the greatest army on earth; our healthcare professionals to come to our defence and rescue – today keep in mind these brave individuals, putting their own lives at risk for all of us and pay tribute to them for their courage and exceptional service. We are proud to be in association with The Kiffness with this Blessing Song for all our incredible pharmacist, doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals”.

Yudhveer added, “A few weeks ago along-side News24, Adcock Ingram OTC launched ‘Sponsors of BRAVE,’ a campaign celebrating and sharing the stories of Pharmacists, Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare professionals who have gone above and beyond their day-to-day call of duty. Never before has praised these incredible people been more important. The time is opportune to acknowledge these heroes, and this song is a wonderful and melodious way to do so.”

The song is available on https: or to nominate any healthcare professional go to or


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