The Inner City Waterfall By Strongbow Remixes Nature Into The Mother City!

The waterfall, the result of a winning collaboration between Strongbow Apple Ciders, the world’s favourite apple cider*, and the ThingKing design team, was inspired by the brand’s passion for urban rejuvenation and their belief that nature is the ultimate refreshment.


The bold nature remix simulated the feeling one gets from standing underneath a waterfall by engaging sight, sound, smell and touch. Made from light-reflective material which moves naturally in the wind, the sculpture mimicked the gentle shimmer of water, while smoke and mist machines enhanced the look and feel of an actual waterfall. Directional speakers emanating waterfall sounds, coupled with an ambient fragrance of wet stone, moss, ozone and soil made for a sensory feast.


What’s more, Strongbow fans got the chance to contribute to bringing the waterfall to life, thanks to subtle LED light strings woven into the waterfall’s core. By following @StrongbowSA and tweeting #NatureRemix, the First Thursday crowds initiated one of three pre-programmed light display shimmers. Their tweets also earned them a complimentary Strongbow at the popular Cape Town hangout, Arcade. Stepping outside, they got to enjoy their Strongbow under the waterfall to experience the refreshing power of nature – both in the sculpture and in a bottle.


“Following our breath-taking Butterfly Effect activation in Johannesburg, this is our second #NatureRemix ‘act’ showcasing how Strongbow Apple Ciders remixes the best of nature into the city to refresh and inspire. We are thrilled that our Capetonian fans have now also had the chance to experience a brand first-hand,” says Marcel Swain, Marketing Manager: New Brands.


He adds that fans can still expect many surprises yet to come: “Strongbow finds beautiful, emotionally uplifting moments in nature, and recreates them so that they can exist in the city. The beauty of nature motivates us every day to create urban rejuvenation. It’s our intention to harness the positive energy of urban living, and encourage the people of South Africa to feel inspired in their city.”


For more information on Strongbow’s range of real orchard apple ciders, visit, or follow @StrongbowSA on Twitter. To join the conversation about Strongbow, simply search for the hashtag #NatureRemix.

*Based on volume. Source: Canadian Volume Report.

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