The Heart of Being Stylish

In commemoration of Mandela Day, the acclaimed fashion brand has decided to put their best foot forward in support of action against poverty. Leading up to Mandela Day on the 18th of July, Europa Art has launched their nationwide campaign, The Heart of Being Stylish! (#TheHeartofBeingStylish). Working closely with a charity dedicated to caring for the needs of South African children, Barefoot No More, Europa Art pledges to support local pupils and their basic educational requirements: shoes. Millions of South African children dream of receiving an adequate education and in order to do so, they walk miles to school every day. Europa Art is setting out to change the footprint of our children. Our goal: to provide students with 10 000 pairs of shoes this year in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Joining this initiative are local celebrities Maps Maponyane, Lalla Hirayama and our Brand Ambassador, Pearl Thusi. They have graciously donated their time in support of this campaign in giving back to those most vulnerable in our society: our children.

Europa Art is seeking to provide school children with very special school shoes. Made in South Africa, these shoes are innovative in their design, using material that is durable, flexible, comfortable and virtually indestructible. This is vitally important as each pair is not only worn once. Rather, it is often passed on to younger siblings when they start their educational journey. These shoes are also shock absorbent, created around the growing feet of youngsters while not causing blisters. Water-proof, washable and fully recyclable, these shoes support the mission of Barefoot No More and Europa Art: to ensure all South African children go barefoot no more!

How can you help?
When you strut into any Europa Art store, looking for the perfect pair of heels, boots, sneakers or brogues, you can help!

Support the cause by donating R90 to this initiative. This will be fully donated towards a pair of school shoes for a child in need. Alternatively, when procuring the latest addition to your footwear collection, simply add R45 to your purchase – Europa Art splits the cost with you! Approach any of the sales staff in-store and they will assist in submitting your donation. Alternatively, should you want to make a donation in the privacy of your own home, you can also make a donation on our website by going to Help us reach our goal of 10 000 pairs of school shoes, ensuring another child can comfortably travel to school this year. 

Europa Art are proud that the Nelson Mandela Foundation supports the initiative as well. The Foundation’s Mission complements this initiative as they seek social justice for all. Education is a key building block in achieving this.

On Nelson Mandela Day, 18 July 2019, Europa Art along with their brand ambassadors, Pearl Thusi, Maps Maponyane and Lalla Hirayama will visit the schools in need and hand over each pair of shoes that have been graciously donated by Europa Art with the assistance of the public.

Europa Art is proud to lead such an initiative: ensuring the children of South Africa go barefoot no more. This is the Heart of Being Stylish.

Support the cause on social media by using the hashtag #TheHeartofBeingStylish.

Instagram: @europaart

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