The Five Senses Of Colour: Feel Each Sense In Every Room

It’s that time of the year again, when you make home décor changes to suit the new season. March is the month that officially kicks off autumn in South Africa, and people are already thinking of ways to transition from the neutrals and brighter shades of the summer décor to warmer and deeper shades for the colder months ahead.

“This time of the year isn’t only perfect for your wardrobe makeover, but also for redecorating your interior spaces and colour schemes to adjust to the new season,” says Palesa Ramaisa, the resident colour expert at Dulux.

Palesa has put together four sensory tips to consider while redecorating your home spaces using the five senses; with sight being the golden thread throughout.


We will see a lot of transcending bold colours, patterns and textures which are still a big trend in home décor. The trick to this look is having one bold staple item; which could be a textured surface pattern on the wall by introducing wallpaper which tends to be a forgot technique at times., a A bold piece of furniture, textured scatter cushions on a plain couch, or even textured rugs to create warmth and make the room seem inviting. If you decide to use a neutral canvas, then layer it up with bold textured items to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for the new season.


The right smell has the power to evoke memories and can impact moods. Incorporating scents into your home which are able to enhance a feeling of comfort, or an additional boldness that works closely with colour is an added bonus. Imagine aqua scents in airy bathrooms that elevate a white tile backdrop to create the illusion of being at the sea, or even a rich cinnamon candle burning that enhances rich orange and red hues. Scent is a personal thing, and customising each room with its own signature smell could bring life into a home.


Water features in the home have a way of creating tranquil and relaxing spaces. The sound that is created by the cascading rhythm of the water is scientifically proven to improve moods and encourage peaceful thoughts. This paired with light hues of blue, green and even shades of pink, like the Dulux Colour of Year Pictured Rocks, is known to increase a sense of peace in living spaces. This would be a great feature to include in your home space where you would like to rest and relax. If a water feature is not something that speaks to you then, think of incorporating the sound of a crackling fire…



There is no denying that sight and taste are two senses that go hand in hand. Sight influences the perception and therefore enhances the experience of taste. Why not introduce a mustard yellow that radiates warmth to create a homely, but playful kitchen space and let the colour inspire your next cooking experience? This can be achieved by laying out a beautiful porcelain bowl with citrus fruits on your kitchen counters or the lounge to add in a little bit of brightness to the room.

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