The Falke Long Vitalizer Sock

Leading sock specialist since 1985, FALKE is here to help you up the intensity of your run with the Falke advanced performance long Vitalizer. Using German engineering heritage and produced in South Africa, quality and style always guides the brand.

When Falke create products, superior quality and world-class design are their highest priority. Every pair of Falke sport socks adheres to three core principles: FIT, FUNCTION and FASHION to ensure comfort and increase performance for any sporting activity.

The long vitalizer sock, with strategically placed cushioning, provides a performance boost by reducing fatigue and aiding in recovery. The graduated compression from ankle to cuff promotes the circulation. While the Drynamix fibre allows for moisture transfer and cooling. The toe is also seamless meaning reduced friction and blisters which will keep you comfortable and allows you to perform at your best.

Falke knee-length compression socks help runners both during and after running by reducing muscle soreness and fatigue through increased oxygen delivery to the muscles, which improves blood circulation and speeds up the removal of lactic acid.

Falke Long Vitalizer socks are available in 6 colour variations, in sizes 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12 with a retail price of R220.

The latest sock ranges are available online at

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