The Comedy Central Live At The Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar Is Back

Viewers should huddle up for the 4th episode of Comedy Central Live at the Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar as we see incredible talent and some new faces. With appearances from some of your favourite comedians, be sure to tune in exclusively on to Comedy Central Africa (DStv Channel 122)  Monday, 7th June at 22:00 CAT. Tonight, Angel Campey who is a writer and comedian from Cape Town graces us with her presence as our bar lady. She starts things off with an interesting, yet comical theory that some ladies get paid to take their clothes off, while the rest of society does the same thing for free every single day.

Headlining the show tonight, Lazola Gola, has made a name for himself in the industry and has been nominated for multiple awards in the past years. He takes us through some of his weirdest experiences during the lockdown and breaks down what made 2020 the craziest year ever. 

Our skit for tonight comes from Lurdes Laice who is famous for her viral clips on TikTok and other social media platforms. With her natural sense of humour, she tells the tale of the lost ‘skhaftin’, a tragedy that every South African has gone through. 

Our last act for the evening needs no introduction as he has had an enormous contribution to the industry so in the industry, comedy veteran, Trevor Gumbi. His set is based on how different his life was from his two white best friends. The comparisons are hilarious and insanely accurate. This episode will leave you in stitches.

Be sure to tune in on Monday 7th June at 22:00 for episode 4 of Comedy Central Live at The Savanna Virtual Comedy Bar on Comedy Central Africa (DStv channel 122).

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