Texx Talks Shares The Mic With Jägermeister In Their 6th Season

South Africa’s burgeoning music scene has experienced an extreme shift in the last 18 months, but this hasn’t stopped local talent from pushing through, innovating their style, and staying connected to their fans. In celebration and support of their efforts, Texx Talks and Jägermeister will focus on South Africa’s brightest musical talents for Season 6 of Texx TalksLaunched in 2020 by Tecla Ciolfi (fondly known as Texx), Texx Talks is a global, chart-topping music podcast “where musicians share their highs, lows and the secret to their continued successes, in frank, deep-dive discussions.”

S6’s line-up of SA talent includes Dee Koala, Francois van Coke, Focalistic, Rouge, DBN Gogo, Peach van Pletzen, Reason HD, and Que (ex Distruction Boyz).

Over the years, Jägermeister has benevolently become a staple in the entertainment industry and according to the brand’s latest campaign –  “Meisters disrupt!” In the premiere episode of S6 Dee Koala is the prime example of this kind of disrupter. When she made her debut onto the scene with 4 The Khaltsha, she came out loud and hot, and her talent as an MC scored her a SA Hip-Hop Award in the Best Female category in 2020. 

Meisters are also cited as individuals who challenge the status quo. Focalistic, fondly known as the Pitori Maradonna, was one of the first few rappers to delve into the Amapiano scene and positively dominate it. Similarly, making a name for one’s self as a woman in the disc jockey arena is not child’s play. DBN Gogo did just that though when she played hundreds of sets during her first summer on the scene as a DJ and has since become a crowd favourite and staple for groovers around the country. 

Rouge and Reason are also prime examples of doing things differently, as Meisters do. Both rappers have emphasized the value of accompanying musical works with visual communication. For Rouge, this meant her album debut was accompanied by a short film that was later awarded at the SA Film and Television Awards in 2018. Where Reason is concerned, his professional background as a graphic designer and overall visual artist has informed his musical communication since his album debut.

Francois Van Coke, best known as the lead of Fokofpolisiekar, has stayed true to rock ‘n’ roll over the years during times where many thought there was no greater future for the genre in South Africa. Similarly, Peach Van Pletzen’s notoriety is often derived from the multi-award-winning band he started, Bittereinder. Like true Meisters, they continue to push through the ceilings of their respective genres by committing to the art of production just as much as the art of performing. 

When Gqom music hit the scene, the one song that changed the game in what felt like a night was Distruction Boyz’s hit single, “Omunye”. Since then, member of the duo, Que has worked with the “who’s who” of SA’s Durban music scene and is currently carving out a solo career for himself. Solo success that precedes a career in a group can often breed trepidation, but Que is taking the shot anyway. 

For musicians, there are many times where being authentic to your identity is cause for pause where big corporations are concerned. Interestingly, and thankfully, all of the “wild” or “crazy” moments that have made these artists incredible, are what makes them Meisters and what makes their work even better.

In S6 of Texx Talks, listeners will get the chance to dive and dig deep into the lives of the people responsible for excellence and musical glory around SA. Tune into Texx Talks every Thursday and get first-hand creative road maps on how to #BeTheMeister.

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