Summer Wine: Versatile and inspiring, look out for Survivor Wines on shelves!

In a world filled with stories, few industries lend itself to such colourful stories as the winelands. One such colourful story is the tale of a brave Nguni cow, who, while being transported from one farm to the next, jumped from the open truck she was transported in, landing in the middle of a vineyard. In an appropriate showcase of the breed’s durability and robust character, the cow suffered no injuries, and so was christened ‘Survivor’.

Not only did this brave Nguni survive, Survivor thrived in her new winelands home – a farm called Constantia in the Swartland – and inspired one of South Africa’s trendiest new wine brands: Survivor Wine, a premium wine range made from the equally trendy Swartland wine region, where the soil and climatic conditions favour the production of smaller berries with concentrated flavours.

Easy to spot on shelves with its idiosyncratic label which features a hand drawing of this colourful Nguni, the Survivor Wine Range is an extension of an equally colourful Worcester-based wine company, Overhex Wines International – a company perfecting the art of ‘wine storytelling’ through innovative brands that truly resonate with the consumer. With its dynamic approach to an increasingly saturated market, it is little wonder that this company is one of industry’s top 10 exporters.

Ben Snyman is the dynamic white wine maker at Overhex. With more than 7, 000 tons of wine passing through his cellar, Ben isn’t shy to name Survivor Wines as his ‘favourite child’.

Solidly part of the generation of 30-somethings invigorating the local wine scene, Ben graduated with a degree in viticulture and oenology in 2009 at the University of Stellenbosch. The following year, he did a harvest season at Chalk Hill in the renowned Sonoma Valley in California.

With festive season and associated balmy days approaching, Ben is particularly keen on the Survivor Sauvignon Blanc: “It is a barrel-fermented Sauvignon Blanc, which makes it suited for complex meals, but it is still fresh and vibrant enough to enjoy on its own (with your legs stretched out in the sun) or as a sundowner matched with tapas.”
The price for the Survivor Sauvignon Blanc is R110.00 and available at selected liquor outlets.

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