Strongbow® Finds Nature Remixed in Durban!

Joined by a group of enthusiastic Durbanites, Strongbow Apple Ciders, the world’s favourite apple cider*, took to the streets of Durban on Thursday, 1 December, for a #NatureRemix Instawalk to uncover where nature and the city find their perfect harmony.

The vibrant crowd joined the lead Instawalker, Calvyn Justus, to start their journey. Armed with their camera phones, the group took to the streets to discover #NatureRemix and it wasn’t long before images started popping up on Instagram and Twitter.

The route led the group to Park Café, 39 Station Drive, where Strongbow® provided the perfect remix of apples and ice cold to refresh Durban dwellers.

“Taking our #NatureRemix ‘act’ to Durban has been invigorating, rediscovering the spaces where nature and urban living meet in such an iconic city. We are thrilled to have done this unique Instawalk with our Strongbow fans!” says Marcel Swain, Marketing Manager: New Brands.

“As we continue remixing nature into South Africa’s urban spaces, we hope to create even more uplifting moments and inspire South Africans to fall in love with their city – and nature – all over again.”

For more information on Strongbow’s range of real orchard apple ciders, visit, or follow on Twitter. To join the conversation about Strongbow, simply search for the hashtag #NatureRemix.

*Based on volume. Source: Canadian Volume Report.

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