Start The Year Right With Wholesome Food In A Flash

With the average South African working nine hours a day, amounting to a total of 45 hours per week, there is very little time left to hustle up a nutritious meal. With more hours being spent behind a desk than at the chopping board, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. This is where food delivery apps are starting to step up to the plate.

 “Balance is hard to maintain when your work life gets busy, more often than not, nutritious food is the first thing to slip,” says Orderin founder and CEO, Dinesh Patel. “As ordering online becomes more popular, staying healthy requires far fewer steps than your daily 10 000.”

 Regardless of your work schedule, food delivery apps offer you both the diversity and the convenience. Whether it’s ordering a well-rounded lunch from Melrose-based Food Me or sticking to your Meat Free Mondays with a salad from Woodstock’s JarBar, Orderin has a variety of healthy options available to make sure you get the necessary nutrients.

 On-demand food delivery services are making it easier for employers to promote staff health and wellness. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, 30% of employees from various organisations reported that the biggest barrier to staying healthy, is the lack of nutritious food available in and around the office. This, along with living a sedentary lifestyle is contributing to a decrease in productivity and an increase in unscheduled absenteeism at work.

 With a network of over 1 200 restaurants and 400 drivers, in all the major metropoles, Orderin is fast becoming the easiest way to get your healthy food fix. With a standard R10 delivery fee, the app is available on both Android and iOS.

Your healthy pick:

  • Cape Town:
  1. Detox Juice and Health Bar – City Bowl
  2. The Poke Co – City Bowl
  3. JarBar – Woodstock

  • Johannesburg:
  1. Melissa’s – Fourways
  2. Toula’s – Fourways
  3. Food Me – Melrose

  • Pretoria:
  1. Life Grand Café – Hazelwood
  2. Bugatti – Brooklyn
  3. Cafe Georges – Lynnridge


  • Durban:
  1. Nu Health Food Café – Umhlanga
  2. Little Gujurat – Umhlanga and Durban central
  3. Cafe Java – Durban North

Health hack:

Launched in 2012 OrderIn offers a virtual canteen to corporates and an instant tax back benefit to employees. Companies can register and offer employees an 18% to 45% tax break on all food ordered with OrderIn during office hours. Dimension Data, Media24 and Societe General have already signed up to offer a wider variety of food and lower overheads. And, at R20 per employee per month, it’s a small price to pay to retain staff and keep the bottom line healthy.

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