Standard Bank To Give Away One Year’s Tertiary Tuition To Lucky Students”

Tertiary education is part of life’s journey. As in most journeys, there are obstacles and challenges along the way- events that can be overcome through determination and by selecting the right partner for the journey. Partnerships are especially essential when it comes to finances-after all, choosing the right bank and banking solution can make all the difference in being able to reach your next objective and being ‘good to go’ whenever the need arises.

“For Standard Bank, the Student Achiever account has helped thousands of students realise their dreams and is the account that is designed to serve the needs of ambitious students,” says Lindy-Lou Alexander, Head of Marketing: Personal and Business Banking at Standard Bank.

With the 2019 academic year getting into gear, the account is the ultimate enabler for students and comes with the exciting add-on that could see a student being able to attend varsity or college without having to pay fees for an entire year.

“The Student Achiever account is not only an account, but it is also an enabling and empowering financial tool that is designed to help users enjoy the student lifestyle and enrich their student experience- an opportunity that comes around only once in a lifetime,” says Alexander.

“So, to help make life even more enjoyable Standard Bank will be offering any student (aged 18 and up) who signs up for a Student Achiever account before 30 April this year, the opportunity to automatically enter a national competition draw that could see his or her fees for the entire year being paid by the bank”.

What is more, is that not just one, but nine students – one from each province – could see their accounts looking healthy and life becoming more rewarding during 2019.

Standard Bank will be randomly drawing the names of nine winners and making cash payments on their behalves directly to the universities concerned to help cover annual study fees, regardless of whether the account is opened on campus or at a Standard Bank branch.

“This will be a real boost to winning students, particularly those who come from backgrounds where their families are hard-pressed to finance a tertiary education and have to make substantial sacrifices to help achieve their children’s dreams,” says Alexander.

“Life is made up of distinct phases. It is natural that as a person enters a new period in his or her life that their banking solutions should change with them and offer what they need to succeed. Standard Bank built the Student Achiever account offering by gathering insights into the needs of students and using these inputs to ensure that the account is tailored to help undertake the daily financial requirements that they require most”.

“Our objective is to enable students to manage their first real entry into a world where self-sufficiency is becoming a reality, by simplifying their experience with bespoke banking that meets their needs both on and off campus”.

“To achieve this, we will be active across tertiary education colleges and institutions offering our assistance about money matters and management.”

For students, this means for as little as R9.99 per month they will be able to:

  • Be issued with a personal Standard Bank card;
  • Get free access to the Varsity Vibes app;
  • Take advantage of data and airtime rewards offered on the card.
  • Gain free access to Internet banking services;
  • Use the card for all transactions at points on campus and retail outlets off campus;
  • Complete transactions with card swipes that do not attract fees;
  • Make free cash withdrawals at the check-out counters at retail stores;
  • Make up to eight free electronic debit transactions IS PER WEEK OR MONTH.

“Students are digitally aware and are accustomed to the convenience offered by using smartphones and other mobile devices. Standard Bank’s objective is to meet this need by making access to financial services simple, direct and relevant. We believe that with our Student Achiever offering, we are achieving this aim and enabling account holders to use an account that is a building block to future bespoke financial services.”

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