Spotify’s Annual Premium Holiday Offer Is Here!

Back once again by popular demand! It’s the holiday offer that will help you listen to music like  “Last Christmas” and “Deck the Halls” and “All I Want for Christmas” ad-free: it’s the global Spotify Premium holiday offer.

Beginning today, Spotify is offering three months for just R59.99 to all eligible subscribers who have tried Premium before and ended their subscription for whatever reason – that means you pay for only one month of Premium and the next two are on us. Even Ebenezer Scrooge couldn’t say no to that. And don’t forget, for those who haven’t subscribed to Spotify before, you can still give yourself the gift of ad-free music and on-demand podcast listening with Spotify Premium’s three months free always-on offer.

Whether you’re cuddled up by the fire, headed home for the holidays or hosting family and friends, Spotify Premium has you covered with 50 million tracks available on-demand and ad-free, and 500,000 podcast titles. 

A few details around these holiday tidings: Spotify’s three months for R59.99 is for the individual Premium plan. The offer begins today and runs until December 31.

Note, the three months for R59.99 offer is not available to users who ended their Premium subscription after October 19, 2019.

The three months free offer, which is always on, is for users who are new to Premium. You can find more information about Spotify Premium’s three months for R59.99 HERE and the three months free always-on offer HERE

For even more holiday cheer, make sure to also check out Spotify’s Holiday Gift Guide unveiled today on For the Record. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


Happy (holiday) listening!

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