Spotify Reveals Streams Of Mental Health Playlists Jumped By Nearly 50% This Year

To mark World Mental Health Day (10 October), Spotify has revealed streams for playlists related to mental health have jumped nearly 50% since the start of the pandemic. Spotify has always placed an emphasis on the importance of mental health for both its employees and listeners. This World Mental Health Day Spotify is encouraging both employees and listeners to see every day as a mental health day. 

The audio network recognises that mental health is an active process and that a new working from home normal requires people to create self-care habits that work for them, giving their mind daily attention and support, treating it much like physical exercise in their routine.

Since the pandemic and throughout 2020, Spotify has seen more listeners streaming mental health related content more than ever. In addition to the significant rise in mental health playlists, Spotfiy has also revealed a 57% increase in streams related to ‘mindfulness’, ‘calm’, and self-care this year, as well as a 122% rise in hours played of podcasts that fall into the ‘self-help’ category on the platform and a 30% increase in visits to the ‘Wellness’ hub of content on its platform.

For World Mental Health Day, Spotify is refocusing its mental health initiatives in the workplace, including its “Heart & Soul” initiative to reduce any stigma around mental health and promote better team member wellbeing. The audio network is also focussed on a peer-to-peer ambassador program that enables employees to educate and support each other. Programming will also include an inspirational talk from international speakers, artist performances and others that promote knowledge about emotional well-being at Spotify.

Linn Caldas, Global Belonging Lead in Spotify’s Mental Health team, said: “In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic many companies around the have worked quickly to ramp up their mental health offerings, but Spotify has actually been a strong advocate for corporate mental health support for years now. – for example with the launch of our Heart & Soul mental health initiative in 2018. It’s important that now and always we support not just our staff, but our listeners who are predominantly working from home and lacking interaction, to take time away from their screens, to connect with fellow employees or to simply listen to one of the many podcasts on mental health that are available on platform.”

For those looking to discover mental health audio on the platform, Spotify has rounded up the most popular mental health related podcasts and music playlists on the platform.

Most popular mental health podcasts on Spotify:

Most popular mental health music playlists on Spotify:

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