Spotify Introduces Its All-New Free Service

Spotify today introduces its All-New Free service at a press conference in New York City. However, since the 13 March 2018 local launch, South Africans have been lucky enough to have experienced the All New Spotify Free service already!

Attached please find announcement that appears on Spotify’s Blog (For the Record) as well as a fact sheet, please let me know if you require additional information or images.  

One of the benefits of the All-New Free service is Spotify’s Data Saver mode, which offers automatic low bitrate streaming. Spotify’s default setting for data streaming in South Africa is 24kbps, perfect if you’re streaming when not on wifi.

Unlike many other streaming services, Spotify Free is an ongoing, ad-supported service, with no expiry date. You can listen for free forever, or if you choose can upgrade to the Premium service for offline listening and other benefits for R59.99 per month.

Offering the very best in both local and international music, Spotify allows you to browse, discover, curate playlists, build your own music collection and share music with friends across both the Free and Premium services.

With Spotify Free, users can listen to all their favourites on mobile, tablet and computer with access to a host of Spotify benefits including:

–          Full catalogue access – that’s over 35m tracks in the catalogue,

–          Expertly curated, personalised playlists, background play and charts – with a wide selection of playlists created specifically with the local audience in mind.

–          Mobile: listen to any artist, album or playlist on your mobile phone for free (Android and iPhone)

–          Desktop/tablet: access to the full Spotify catalogue on desktop and tablet for free

–          Access to every playlist from our local experts and our worldwide community of music fans. Over 2 billion in total!

–          Create your own playlists and share instantly with friends on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, text and email.

To enjoy music the way you want it, download the app via the Android or iOS app store or by heading to

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