Soweto’s Finest Gets Netflix Green Light On A New Dance Series Jiva

South Africa’s Soweto’s Finest bags a Netflix series feature! The founder and choreographer Tom London was lucky enough to be appointed as part of the Jiva dance series which will premiere on Netflix on the 24th of June 2021. London, who shared the news, said: ‘’The beauty of this whole thing is that we are lucky enough to be part of the show. It is a beautiful thing because finally as the world gets to see what we really do. After seeing the glimpse of Pantsula Dancers who danced on Beyonce’s ‘Who Run The World’ Music video, finally the world gets to see what we do in the dusty streets of Soweto, Durban, and Cape Town.’’

South African dancers have been inspired by Hollywood, and now it’s time to show Hollywood what they’ve got. The world gets to see Soweto’s Finest for who they are, and this will bring a lot of opportunities for the group but most importantly taking South African dance to the world.

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