#AD | Snowflake “Create Homemade Happiness” Campaign

Our homes are an extension of who we are and what we do within the walls of our abodes shapes our mood, affects our productivity, and influences our outlook on life. Scientific studies have shown that we can have an impact on our happiness by adjusting the tiny little habits and routines that constitute our daily lives. The Snowflake “Create Homemade Happiness” campaign aimed at inspiring South African’s to spend quality time with their families in the kitchen, preparing those special family secret recipes and creating new ones. Together with Snowflake, South African’s can Create Homemade Happiness with their range of easy-to-use, affordable and versatile cooking and baking products.

Creating homemade happiness is all about taking the time to make and share honest-to-goodness food. There’s no fancy, hard-to-find ingredients or complicated cooking techniques, just a vast array of delicious recipes designed to make you a legend in your own kitchen.

Snowflake has been inspiring South Africans to bake and cook their family favourites for 136 years. This year, it’s all about creating homemade happiness, and through this campaign platform, Snowflake wants to get people to do more with the cooking and baking inspirations that Snowflake is showcasing on their Instagram and Facebook pages. When Creating their homemade happiness, South Africans can now show their expressions of ubuntu and love through baking or cooking their favourite recipes/treats for a loved one or those that are less fortunate as a random act of kindness – while adhering to Covid 19 regulations. South Africans can share their flop proof creations with Snowflake on @SnowflakeSouthAfrica on Facebook and @Snowflake SA on Instagram to show how they executed their random act of kindness. If consumers do not have recipe  Ideas, Snowflake has great baking and cooking ideas on their page https://www.snowflake.co.za/home and on the Snowflake Youtube page.

Through sharing their acts of kindness, consumers also need to tag Snowflake via social media by using the hashtag #SnowflakeHomemade and they could stand a chance to win some amazing baking appliances. This campaign is ending on the 31st of October 2020. So, to all South Africans, let us get baking with Snowflake & share!

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