Snacking Made Right: A Mondelēz International Report

Mondelēz International’s latest Snacking Made Right Report,  touches on all the key aspects and elements of how they empower people to snack right – from creating the right range of well-loved snacks for consumers to encouraging mindful snacking at the right moment, from ensuring they source, produce and package snacks in the right way to setting and following and conducting themselves in an inclusive and ethical manner.

Below is a brief glimpse into how they are progressing:

  • Sustainable ingredients: 63 percent of cocoa volume for their chocolate brands sourced sustainably via Cocoa Life & 65 percent wheat for European biscuit brands sourced sustainably via Harmony Wheat
  • Environmental impact: 15 percent CO2 reduction from manufacturing operations and 64,850 tonnes waste reduction in manufacturing operations (that’s more than a $87M savings)!
  • Packaging innovation: 93 percent packaging designed to be recycled
  • Well-being: 16 percent snacks revenue from portion control snacks

They have also set ambitious new long-term targets reaffirming their commitment to long-term sustainable business growth:

  • Addressing climate change and reducing their environmental impact – 10 percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025 with a focus on protecting and restoring forests through their signature sustainable sourcing programs
  • Advancing zero net waste – 100 percent packaging recyclable and labelled with recycling information by 2025 with a focus on tackling plastic waste
  • Respecting the rights of everyone across our value chain – 100 percent human rights due diligence in cocoa, scaling sustainable sourcing program Cocoa Life to 100 percent cocoa for chocolate by 2025.


Feature Photo by Andres Aleman on Unsplash

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