Skyy Vodka Presents: Therapy 21’st Birthday Sextravaganza 2017

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The iconic and legendary local “queer dance party” brand, Therapy, takes partying to an even higher level for Therapy’s 21st birthday – Sextravaganza 2017, on Saturday 11 November at Carfax.  

Join us as for our ‘coming-of-age’ celebration of music, glamour, cultural and gender equality and above all else, the love of a good time!

Therapy is not about selling a VIP status, all of its patrons are VIPs, it is not about big name djs, although it has had many of those!  It is about the party experience that is uniquely Therapy, and how a patron feels about the attitude of that.

Therapy’s 20th birthday event ‘Love Injection’ was proclaimed “Party of the Year” by MambaOnline in 2016, and with the ‘coming-of-age’ aspect of this event, Therapy has an even bigger and better plan for this huge milestone in its proud history of entertaining clubland.

It’s definitely cool to have the parties back in the city, with no traffic, minimal interferance, and being able to make a noise!  Jozi can be alot of fun!  Therapy returns to Carfax, a legendary venue that once again, will pull out all the stops for Therapy on this special night.


Therapy was was founded in 1996, by well known and  gay icon dj, Stuart Hillary.  It has always been firmly entrenched in the hearts of party lovers, classy clubbers and gender queer crowds, as well as being an open and free environment for all.

Therapy has continued to evolve with each new rhythm enjoyed by the tasteful party patron, with Stuart being at the very core of the establishment throughout, as a dj and an event organiser.

A regular flow of international dj talent combined with local creativity has kept Therapy on par with the best parties internationally, and a dedicated focus on the music has kept Therapy hugely popular for over 20 years, with no end in sight.


Enjoy 2 thumping dance floors with full-service bars and lounge areas, superb sound, and seductive lighting making up two entertainment areas, named Therapy-Lite Courtyard and Big-Room Therapy respectively.  

Mind-melting laser and lighting shows and a top line-up of djs, who will serve up the latest best Tech-House and Techno in Big-Room Therapy, and Therapy-Lite will take you on a blissful joyous musical journey with Therapy Classics, Disco, and Deep soulful house that will keep you celebrating on the dance floor all night long.

Be welcomed by “door whore” supreme Betty Bangles, into a superb industrial setting decorated in true birthday party style.

With her own recent reality television show TV and being a host on The Casper Radio Show – CliffCentral, Betty Bangles is the ultimate Therapy Door-Whore – perfect for the attitude control befitting our ‘coming-of-age’ Sextravaganza.

Betty says “They need to impress to get in. The only thing short about me, is my temper…Lol”

Your host: Bryan

Be welcomed by your official host for the evening, the lovely Bryan. Bryan will also be managing the door and putting together special packages for “groups” that share cars or Ubers (We offer reduced ticket prices to promote safe-partying at Sextravaganza 2017)

Two thumping dance floors

Includes full-service bars with lounge areas, live performance art, 21 years-of-Therapy iconic photographs projections, superb sound, and seductive lighting –  these two entertainment areas, are named Therapy-Lite Courtyard and Big-Room Therapy respectively.  

Mind-melting laser and lighting shows and a top line-up of djs, who will serve up the latest best Tech-House and Techno in Big-Room Therapy, and in Therapy-Lite will take you on a blissful joyous musical journey with Therapy Classics, Disco, and Deep soulful house that will keep you celebrating on the dance floor all night long.

Our MC, Master-of-ceremonies, and party-fluffer supreme: Doctor Feel Goode




Groove Element

His gorgeousness does not compare to his talent. Well known for long residencies at Risque, ESP, Truth, and regular Therapy appearances, Groove Element not only plays superb house music but also produces it and owns his own record label. True class to get the party started right!

Stuart Hillary

A discography of Therapy creator Stuart Hillary’s 25 years dance industry would fill volumes. Residencies at legendary clubs like Mrs Henderson’s, The Embassy, Krypton, GASS, Therapy, Bitch, Legends, and ESP. His talent has afforded him opportunities to play nationally and internationally alongside the likes of Boy George, Alan Thomson, Carl Cox, Sasha, Digweed, Josh Wink, Junior Sanchez, Frankie Knuckles, Tony de Vit, Fedde Le Grand, and Danny Rampling to name a few.  Stuart is a well-established icon in tehgay scene and at the very heart of keeping gay clubbing alive in South Africa.

Exclusive live performance by Litha Bam

Litha Bam is a South African film and TV actor and singer. His passion for music led him to study music, in both New York City and Los Angeles. Litha will perform his glamourous and sexy first release “Feel the Music”.

Philip Jo – REKKORD (Dubai)

An international dj, producer & promoter – highly acclaimed for over 40 releases by some of the most respected underground dance labels, Phillip Jo created REKKORD & recently TONIK – both international clubbing events featuring some of the world’s most sought-after big names.  Performed alongside heavy weights, the likes of AME, Pirupa, Mihalis Safras, Aki Bergen, Alex Dolby and many more.  Get ready for the off-the-wall tunage that his eclectic underground sets are all about!

Russell LDQ

Russell is pure techno and perfect at every Therapy event! You literally get taken places that you didn’t know existed and are happy to be there, but then he takes you to an even better place. Legendary status was achieved for him with regular gigs at Therapy, GASS, Bitch, Legends, Sliver, Discotech since he started dj’ing in 2000.



Groovy Q (Cape Town)

Massively popular!  A Therapy-Lite dance floor experience would be incomplete without Groovy Q.  After relocating to Cape Town 5 years ago, we felt we had to bring him up for Sextravaganza 2017 to take that floor to the next level as he always does! Pure love!


Olwee is simply divine – he is especially worshipped for the dance performance  that comes with his sophisticated house-savvy  (Effortlessly he might drop “Diana Ross – The Boss” blending it all in perfectly) – and sending the dance floor into literal ecstacy. He plays venues like Taboo, Zone 6 Venue, Moloko, Cocoon, Kong, Great Dane, and Therapy LOVE INJECTION 2016, and is our headline dj for the Therapy-Lite Courtyard.

Sole Elos (Berlin)

International dj, musician & producer Sole Elos is going to take Therapy-Lite into the future! His slogan: “There are no borders – There is no limit – Follow the noise – Be your fate!” doesn’t fail to inspire. Sole says about himself: ” With my music I want to talk to everyone no matter what sexual orientation, gender, skin colour or race. My music is designed to talk to a deeper lying and universal musical self in all of us.”  Stuart Hillary says: “He had me on the dance floor grinning for 2 hours when I had gone to an after-party after playing at a previous party. Suddenly my spirits returned! It was the energy coming through his music and it redefined modern underground dance music for me (and I am very difficult to impress…lol)!  I fell in love with his song selection, waited to meet him and booked him for Sextravaganza 2017! I can’t wait to see the people reaction to his set”.


THERAPY 21’ST BIRTHDAY SEXTRAVAGANZA 2017 –  is brought to you by SKYY vodka in association with Red Bull Studio and

Our other associate sponsors: Best Body and Skin, Matthew Mansoor –celebrity hair stylist, The Melville Turret, Caroline Hillary-PR and media, Department of Squares-artwork, Beefcakes.

When: Saturday 11 November 2017

Where: CARFAX, 39 Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown, Johannesburg

-26.20118, 28.02857.  Credit Card facilities as well as cash purchase facilities available

Time: 9PM – 4AM

Ticket Prices: Door: Before 10pm – R 180, thereafter R 220

Online: Nutickets: Early bird R 120 (until 18 October), thereafter R 160 (until 10 November)

Right of admission reserved: No under 18s, No Attitudes

Disclaimer:Therapy is a LGBTI event and maintains an open-minded party policy, which shows respect for all partygoers, no matter gender, sexual orientation, race or culture

Peace Love Unity Respect…Therapy has a “no cameras and phones” policy; phone usage is allowed, but not on the dance floor – “phones off, party on!”




For additional information:

Regular updates so stay tuned to Therapy on Facebook – @therapyclubbing

Tickets online @

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