SHOUT Opens Libraries In Tembisa And Soshanguve

The SHOUT Foundation, a philanthropic organisation founded by popular South African artists Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane have done it again. In raising awareness of childhood literacy, the organisation opened libraries in Tembisa as well as Soshanguve primary schools on the 13th November 2017.   

After the bold call to action in 2016, Steers and the SHOUT Foundation partnered in a bid to make a Real Difference by calling on the public to help sell a million burgers. Consumers responded in their numbers with proceeds from the sales going towards building S.E.E.D libraries that are now erected to support high levels of childhood illiteracy in disadvantaged communities. This is with a desire to empower the youth through the power of books.

SHOUT, has not only raised the awareness against crime in SA, but also embarked on the journey to uplift communities through the power of education. The SHOUT S.E.E.D library programme  was designed to liberate and inspire new futures and have extended its reach with the  R2 Million in funds received from Steers. 

“This has been an incredible time for us in terms of drawing the attention of the wider public towards the real issue of childhood illiteracy. Steers was the perfect partner in this journey as they are committed to youth development and investing in the future leaders of tomorrow” said SHOUT co-founder Kabelo Mabalane.



“In today’s age, as business we need to invest back into the communities we operate as this offers you a license to operate. For this reason we are passionate about giving back to the community in which we operate, and being involved in the investment of our future consumers, employees and brand influencers. We believe in igniting the passion of SA’s youth. Through this library, we hope to create a safe space for young people to dream, learn and be inspired about the future of this amazing country we live in. We are hoping this will at least inspire a single pupil to become the future teachers, artists, engineers, astronauts, or doctors”, said Adolf Fourie, Steers Marketing Executive.


Two libraries now stand in the communities of Soshanguve, at Mafumbuka Primary School and  at Tembisa, in Tlamatlama Primary School. From this we seek to one day speak of the leaders that have grown in these communities to inspire those that come behind them.

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