#SaveTheNight Initiative Supports Local Nightlife Communities

With the global COVID-19 lockdown impacting the lives and livelihoods of millions, those working in clubs, bars and nightlife-related creative industries are profoundly affected. The goal of the #SAVETHENIGHT initiative is to support both sides of the global nightlife community: professionals working in the aforementioned industries who need direct financial help to supplement their income and save their jobs, and everyone else who cannot flock to clubs and bars to hang out with their friends and revel in the nightlife.

With a global fund of over 1 Million USD, the #SAVETHENIGHT initiative has now come to South Africa, supporting the local nightlife communities. You can now revel in the “nightlife” in the comfort of your home and in so doing support the creative industry by booking some of your favourite DJs, musicians, choreographers, mixologists, graffiti artists and more for “Meister Drop-Ins” or checking out exclusive content pieces from a myriad of creatives for FREE.

Participating creatives include the likes of Muzi (DJ and producer), Francois van Coke (musician), Gina Jeanz (DJ), Cassandra Eichhoff (mixologist), Bangy Rabothata (streetwear designer & visionary), Zoyi Lindiwe (choreographer), Chad Hanning aka Bushy Wopp (illustrator and grafitti artist), and Thabo Molaba (photographer) just to highlight a few.

“My experience with the Save The Night Campaign has been amazing. It’s not only encouraged me to adapt to a new way of performing from home but has also allowed me to connect with fans in a more intimate online setting,” shares Gina Jeanz.

“Too many times, the art is the last thing on Brands minds but it feels really cool to be part of such an innovative campaign where the artist and the people who support that artist get to be the center-point,” expresses Muzi.

#SAVETHENIGHT and book your FREE “Meister Drop-Ins” here: www.save-the-night.com The #SAVETHENIGHT initiative was created by family-owned Mast-Jägermeister SE with the primary aim to help talented artists, creatives, and bartenders with direct financial donations. These are supplemented by a series of novel online entertainment events developed and run by Jägermeister to generate additional income opportunities or micro-funding campaigns for those who need help. “As a family-owned business, the solidarity that is so essential is a matter of heart to us, especially when times are hard. Our brand and our company have been built in cooperation with passionate meister mixologists, bartenders, musicians, and artists. For us, it is self-evident that we now give back to them in a way which also delivers some much-needed entertainment for everyone unable to get to their favourite bar, club or event,” explains Michael Volke, chairman of the executive board of Mast-Jägermeister SE. Bea Theron, Jägermeister Experiential Manager for South Africa adds: “Not only does this campaign support our artists with additional income, but it offers them the opportunity to channel their energy and creativity into interesting and exciting projects whilst producing bold work for a global audience.”

“I really enjoyed interacting with fans in a new way I’ve never done before. I engaged with people partying, with guys trying to start a band and guys who just started a band. I also had a drop-in with one lone ranger. It was weird, but I still loved the whole experience. It’s very cool and amazing of Jägermeister to create an opportunity for us to earn some bucks while we are in lockdown,” reveals Francois van Coke.

Gina Jeanz adds: “I commend Jägermeister for being innovative and creating a unique platform to help support artists like myself during this time.”

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