Saul Madiope’s Motherland Jazz Is A Blissful Jazz Offering You Need

From Pretoria to the Universe, Saul Madiope’s debut album Motherland Jazz has finally landed, and words are not enough to express the sounds we have been served with on this album. This new-age offering contains abstract sounds described as “motherland jazz”, a Jazz genre inspired by Jazz legends around Africa and of course Saul’s fine taste and touch in music. The sound is rich, vibrant, distinctive and quite relatable: from the song titles to the lyrics. There are also notable teachings throughout the album. The purpose is to give healing, nurture faith and never forget our African ancestral teachings such as Credo Mutwa’s wise insights.

The album consists of the following prime artists as features: 

  • R&B and Hip Hop artist Thandonje whose song “Foundations” (with Saul and Jazzgroupiez) was featured on the 1st episode of “In Treatment” on HBO. 
  • On the second track, well renowned USA born saxophonist Stephan Richard graces us with his talents. On the third track, R&B singer and songwriter Filah Lah Lah, who has been featured by Apple Music as part of the streaming platform’s New Artist Spotlight series. 
  • Lastly, Afro-Soul artist and songwriter Halala Gumbi has been placed at #1 on Metro FM’s playlist for her song with Stones & Bones “Uthando”. 

All of the artists above have come together to add their distinctive touches to make this album a masterpiece and indeed give off this new sound that is Motherland Jazz, to the Universe.

The debut album and its visual components are poignantly tied to Saul Madiope’s identity, character and culture. The album art is inspired by the Ba Pedi culture, Saul’s totem Kolobe (wild pig) “Re Bina Kolobe” (clan praises) hence the depiction of elders dressed in the Sepedi traditional attire on a mountain, holding musical instruments celebrating the Ba Pedi culture and praising the ancestors.

Motherland Jazz is indeed the sound of a new age jazz movement.

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