Rudy Chalmers Making Waves With Musical Project Fears & Fantasies

Sithenkosi Mbuli known by his stage name Rudy Chalmers is expressing his passion for music in his latest work that is sure to get you grooving and have you appreciating the talent that South Africa can produce. After years of refining his unique sound, Rudy Chalmers has finally released his debut musical project, Fears & Fantasies. Chalmers is the son of legends, the late broadcaster Vuyo Mbuli and Media Owner Savita Mbuli. ‘Chalmers’ is an ode to his late father as that was his first name and the young man has been inspired by the legacy of his parents to build something of his own. 

Music has filled Rudy’s ears and his heart for as long as he can remember. Songwriting was something he first attempted at 8 years old, inspired by the music he heard all around him. At 15 the young man decided that he wanted to turn this form of self-expression he had discovered into music that he could share with others and maybe even the world.    

Fears & Fantasies consists of ten songs, Rudy views the work as an expressive exploration of his dreams and the realities he lives through daily. “I love listening to the music and I’m glad I can share something with people that I am proud of”. 

Rudy flirts with many genres across the work, using a soulful hip hop beat with a jazz flavour in his love letter to his mother and sister in track 2 Home. Later on Rudy substitutes his witty rap lyrics for a newly found soulful singing voice reminiscent of George Benson and Robin Thicke. Miss You, a beautiful message written to his late father is another song to remember on Fears & Fantasies. The song is sure to togue on the heartstrings not only because of the heartfelt lyrics but because it begins with a stunning audio clip of his father Vuyo interviewing the late Nelson Mandela and learning of his taste in music.

His music has the scope to appeal to more than just his own age group. He has placed a focus on using lyrics that multiple generations can appreciate and understand. Rudy has released 2 wonderfully styled and directed music videos to occupancy Fears & Fantasies. His vibrant dance moves are on full display in his visual work for track 6, On My Way.  

His craft is inspired by his favourite artists and the world around him. He says he’s at his best and understands the world better when he uses music to express himself.

Rudy Chalmers seeks to continue to express himself through music in the months and years to come. The young man’s live shows have begun to gain traction around the country. Chalmers says performing live is the best part about making music. “Being able to engage with people and share my work with them in person always feels like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I feel lucky every time I get the chance to perform for my listeners and show them a little part of what’s in my soul”.   

Fears & Fantasies is available on all streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube Music.

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