Riky Rick Celebrates Polar Bear Day with Castle Lite

Just when the entire country was focusing on proceedings within the South African parliament. Social media went wild when South African Rapper Riky Rick posted a picture of what we believed was his new pet. The rapper collaborated with Castle Lite and pulled a stunt to raise awareness around global warming on International Polar bear day.
It all began with a post of a big box with loads of stickers on it, captioned with “Got
something special coming in”. This sparked interest and curiosity from his fans, the
rapper then revealed a polar bear which was enclosed in the box and asked the
public to help name his new pet. This attracted outrage from not only animal
activists and social media but the entire nation.
Being the brand that always keeps it Extra Cold, Castle Lite wanted to raise
awareness around the coolness of our planet, well-being not so cool.

AbinBev have committed 100% renewable energy by 2025 and have already put
their first plans into the market which is energy efficient fridge’s and solar panels for
taverns across Africa “it is everyone’s responsibility to think about the planet and make small changes to slow down global warming. At Castle Lite we aim to do things differently, to ignite imagination and to make the impossible possible. We hope that this stunt, while entertaining, made people stop and think about everyday choices.” – Silker Bucker, Castle Lite Marketing Manager.


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