[REVIEW] Big Star Johnson’s #MeAndMines Album

With many releases expected for September, I found myself bobbing my head, lost in the music from Big Star Johnson’s upcoming album, Me And Mines. This is Vuzu Hustler’s first album offering and really, I didn’t expect anything less from him. Being a fan of his feel-good lyrical content more than anything, I was happy to listen to local music that didn’t consist of constant (and popular) auto-tune.

After he released “Closer” and the most recent “Sgubu” (shout out to Kuda Jembe on the authentic execution on the video direction) it’s safe to say Big Star Johnson’s career is headed in a long term direction… Well it’s the vision for some of us who don’t put trap above anything else in hip hop. With the 12 tracks that I listened to, each song tells a story and even with new age hip hop, Big Star Johnson shines through with the old and new school sound, which I think “the kids” will really appreciate.

There are a few lines in the track “Paradise” where he says “my soul is so out of this world, I’ma mess around and build a star ship. I try to focus on the content, and never did it for the profit. I try to get them into conscious… but… nah I’m over that” at that point, it all was confirmed that Big Star Johnson is really here to stay. If you are an “old skool” soul looking for a nostalgic feeling with a touch of “new skool” then #MeAndMines is the album for you – regardless, get it coz it’s simply good music.
Follow Le’Afrinique’s #MeAndMines Twitter thread below for samples from the album, featuring the likes of Kaylo, Rouge, Kwesta and Zoocci Coke Dope. The album will be dropping this Friday, 24th August 2018, pre-order here https://topsifysa.lnk.to/HAzC9

Beat: 9/10
Lyrical delivery: 9/10
Overall: 9/10


Words by: Sello Moleli

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