Reebok’s ZIG KENETICA Sneaker Collaboration With Local Designers

Today, Reebok announced the launch of Zig Kinetica, an advanced sneaker that fuses innovative sports tech with sleek style while channelling and returning kinetic energy with every stride. As the most significant launch for Reebok this year, the sneaker comes equipped with the brand’s latest ZigTech technology, which was introduced with Reebok’s ZigPulse Silhouette In 2010.

The Zig Kinetica’s unmatched versatility enables it to seamlessly transition from gym to street, and its launch marks the next phase in Reebok’s “Sport the Unexpected” campaign, which celebrates the bold risk-takers who reshape culture by being anything but expected.

The Zig Kinetica sets a new standard for innovation, function and disruptive designs, and is  built around a distinct zigzag-shaped, energy return sole that channels and returns kinetic energy using a three-part system:

  • Floatride Fuel: energised bouncy foam helps deliver a cushioning feel for everyday needs.
  • Zig Energy Shell: provides a bold aesthetic while channelling and returning kinetic energy.
  • Zig Energy Bands: a unique outsole that expands and contracts like a rubber band to provide a spring-like response.

Director of Brand Marketing for Reebok South Africa, PJ Morilly, says that the release of the Zig Kinetica is not merely another product launch, but will be accompanied by partnerships with South African designers who embody the “Sport the Unexpected” brand platform. Morilly emphasises the importance of these local collaborations, as the brand “wants to create products that our local consumers can relate to and be proud of, especially in a time where supporting local businesses is of huge importance.”

These designers include two of Johannesburg’s up-and-coming fashion brands, Blank Collection and Ntando XV, both of whom have been tasked with designing a clothing range that is inspired by the Zig Kinetica’s design. These two ranges will be revealed at the brand’s recline event in Johannesburg on 20 February, and will not only flaunt the invaluable skills that these designers possess, but will also symbolise the versatility and unique craftsmanship that makes the Zig Kinetica so unique.

The founder of Blank Collection, Sibusiso Fulu, says that this is the first time he has ever worked with an international brand, which he believes “will open so many doors and opportunities for me to advance my personal brand.” Ntando XV, who has also been selected to take part in this exciting venture, has expressed excitement in the campaign,

as he believes that the Zig Kinetica “strongly links to the gender neutralism that the Ntando XV brand stands for, given its versatility and unisex design.”

These collaborations for Zig Kinetica illustrate Reebok’s unwavering commitment to investing in local talent, by providing these designers with opportunities to reach a broader target audience and express their creativity on different platforms.

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