Raw X Studios To Launch Pop-Up Music Academy In Collaboration With The J&B Hive!

Raw X Studios in partnership with the J&B Hive is launching a pop-up music academy called We Make Better Music Than You (WMBMTU). Led by award winning producer-artist pH, five lucky interns will work on a special album to celebrate the studio’s 10 years in the industry. The album will feature some of South Africa’s rising as well as top hip-hop stars.

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The production house behind critically acclaimed albums such as KO’s Skhanda Republic, Khuli Chana’s Lost In Time and AKA’s Alter Ego is looking for five talented producer/composers to form part of the WMBMTU academy.

To enter visit http://www.thehivejohannesburg.com/wmbmtu/ or send your original productions/links to info@phrawx.com. The search and selection process is now open until Wednesday, 24 May. Applications are not limited to hip-hop, any genre is welcome.

The WMBMTU academy will officially open its doors on Monday, 29 May for a two-month collaborative experience between Raw X, the academy and selected artists. Weekly video blogs documenting the making of the album will be available online as well as a mini-documentary detailing the rich history of Raw X Studios that led to the WMBMTU project. Broadcast dates to be announced at a later stage.


The project will conclude with the WMBMTU Launch Party on Saturday, 8 July where the album will be showcased and made available to the public.

The We Make Better Music Than You (WMBMTU) academy forms part of a partnership between Raw X Studios and the J&B Hive Johannesburg, a community of creative entrepreneurs and game changers within the city. The J&B Hive is a rare catalyst for Johannesburg-based entrepreneurs with close to 50 active members from various disciplines. Raw X Studios were among the region’s business minds that were selected to join the ever-growing community. Follow the stories, successes, and progress of the community at #MyjandBhivejourney. J&B Whisky, the brand, has a deep history in entrepreneurship and the J&B Hive is a modern day articulation of these roots. It’s a celebration of collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit within the city. The Hive is hosted within a dedicated multifunctional space in the center of Braamfontein (100, Juta); it operates as a co-working space for members, a socialising and events venue from Thursdays to Saturdays, and boasts a Cafe run by Kofi Afrika.

*J&B is not for sale to persons under the age of 18.

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