Protect Your Hair This Summer!

Wear Protective Styles
This summer is the time to rock all those protective styles you have screenshot. Styles such as Braids, twists, cornrows and pretty updos. These will protect your hair from all the hush weather and promote real hair growth. One can use products such as Long and Lasting Braid Spray or the ORS Castor Oil braid spray. The products ensure your braids are kept moisturised and well oiled up to reflect the sun and protect your hair
Long & Lasting Braid Spray (1)
Long and Lasting Braid Spray
ORS Black Castor Braid Spray (1)
ORS Castor Oil Braid Spray
Wet/Wash Often
It is a hot girl summer and your hair has to be on point especially if you plan on spending most of your time in and out of water at the pool. Shampooing tends to leave hair dry if done more times than recommended. So, experts at Vatika Afro Naturals suggest one makes use of conditioning and rinsing of your coils after a swim. Due to the different chemicals that are made to treat water, your hair will be affected. one can keep their hair safe by using conditioners such as Vatika Afro Naturals Co-Wash… the co-wash is easy on the hair and leaves it soft and smelling really good…  
Vatika Afro Naturals Co-Wash
Wrap it up 
Wearing a hat will help your hair by protecting it from the sun and the hush conditions. Alternatively one can look into investing in a good satin hair wrapper. The hair wrapper will keep your hair soft and moisturised but most of all the wrap will not pull on your hair and stress your mane. Check websites such as byMaletsatsi For some affordable wraps that look good…
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