Priyanka Releases Third Single “Easy Love” Ft Donald

South African singer and songwriter Priyanka is proud to announce the release of her third single “Easy Love” featuring multi-award winning artist Donald. “Easy love” is set to follow the success of her debut single “Science” which featured Kapital K and her solo sophomore single “Chest Pains” released in early 2017. “Easy love” is the third and final single to be released ahead of the album launch next month.

Speaking about the inspiration for the single Priyanka revealed that, “Loving someone is inevitable, but having that bond where everything feels perfect and ‘easy’ is rare. Very few people are blessed enough to come across someone that awakens their soul, that makes them feel alive and makes the obstacles of feel like a breeze with them around. That’s the kind of love that inspired Donald and I to write and record ‘Easy Love’”
“I had a great time working on this record with Priyanka. Although she’s still a new artist, she has so much experience and is vocally talented. We wrote the song together in just a few hours and finished the song in 3 days. As an artist who has been in this entertainment business for over a decade, I feel like it is my responsibility to also help upcoming artists who are focused and dedicated to their craft.” – said Donald.

With both her debut singles playlisted on various national radio stations, landing her on numerous media platforms including international media and appearances, Priyanka is currently in studio wrapping up on her debut album produced by Kimosabe from Prom Knights is set to be released next month.



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Chest Pains –

Science – Priyanka


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