Priyanka Heats Things Up This Winter With New Single “Cold Front”

Following the successful launch of her debut album “Prilude” and two lead singles in 2017, South African rising Pop and R&B star Priyanka is back with another offering simply titled “Cold Front”. This song follows lead singles “Science”, “Chest Pains” and hit single “Easy Love” which features award-winning artist Donald.

“Cold Front” features renowned artist and producer Kimosabe who has worked with Priyanka before on previous projects. The two work so well together that it took them only an hour to arrange this song. More than anything “Cold Front” is a feel good song that is set to keep things warm and steamy this winter.

‘’With all the violent events taking place around, sometimes we just need positive people around us to keep us sane, strong and optimistic about the future. To help us feel like there is hope in this world to live a happy life with our loved ones and to help us remember and cherish those that stick by us through rain or shine or snow. This is the essence of ‘Cold Front’’’ – elaborated Priyanka


“Cold Front” is now available on iTunes and all leading online music stores:


Watch Priyanka’s previous music videos:

Chest Pains –

Science –


Easy Love –


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