Pretoria’s B-Smirk Shows Off Striking Visuals For His Single Heart

There’s a brand-new chapter that is being written by what B-Smirk describes as “a visual representation of the dawning of a new era”. ‘Heart’ is a single from B-Smirk’s latest extended play offering Element. It captures a romantic and emotional disconnection between two individuals wherein one is left alone, distraught, and with plenty of regrets. The music video is set indoors alongside the fireplace. The fire represents a burning desire to move on whilst being engulfed and soaked into the couch with no ability to move due to one’s thoughts.

The single ‘Heart’ is one that does not fail to remind listeners of B-Smirk’s vivid storytelling capabilities. Not only is each verse jam-packed with rhythmic rhymes and elements, but this single is also equally teeming with wordplay that will assuredly leave you open-minded and asking for more.

One of the most applaudable attributes of B-Smirk is his remarkable ability to use his music as a medium of communication through which he can give detailed accounts of his relatable stories. This highlights the attention he gives to and pride he takes in his craft, and most importantly, his voracious appetite to make the Hip-Hop scene aware of his presence. 

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