Precious Kofi Debuts At Boulder Arts Week In Colorado (USA)

South African born, Colorado-based contemporary Artist Precious Kofi has been selected as an Exhibiting “Artist in the Muse” for Boulder Arts Week, taking place from March 26 to April 3, 2021. Kofi, who now calls Boulder home, will join the voices from the Boulder community in ‘heartbroken reflection of the lives lost in the recent and tragic mass shooting’ that took the lives of 10 people on Monday, 22 March 2021.

“It feels like it’s more important now to create a space where people can feel emotions. I want the viewer to feel touched, embraced and held,” says Precious. “It’s a way of connecting with people in ways when words are not enough.”

Kofi is one of the eight selected from over 110 contemporary artists to showcase at this year’s digital and in-person celebration of cultural experiences, music and dance. She will lend her artistic voice as an African immigrant living in America. “I am influenced by where I am from. My mentality is not of a minority, my mentality is of an African-majority. Just from being from South Africa, I have an international perspective on global issues and that is how I approach my art,” Kofi excitedly explains about the show. “I am excited that the museum is opening up. It’s an opportunity to have a voice in a community where I am a minority. I know Boulder will be able to connect to the work.”

Precious Kofi’s exhibition titled Touched, Embraced, Held new works specifically paying tribute to the Boulder tragedy, will premiere on 1 April 2021 at the Boulder Arts Week.

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