Prayer Warriors’ Full Offering Is Nothing But A Masterpiece

A thirst for the duo’s entire body of work has been sparked by the single releases of Mvelinqangi and Nguwe. The Prayer Warriors initiative is a plea for unadulterated, undiluted joy, sparked by our connection to our Maker and our Guides, both on the material plane and in the spiritual world.

DrumPope, a multi-platinum dance producer, arranger, and remixer with a long list of SAMA wins under his belt, and Ntsika, a brilliant vocalist, multi-award-winning singer/songwriter, vocal producer & arranger, lead composer, and member of the highly esteemed acapella group The Soil, make up the collaborative duo.

The EP can be streamed here:

The world will be transfixed by this incredible body of work filled with re-defined ultra futuristic and vocally driven “Afro Tech” songs that have the ability to seamlessly invoke beautiful spiritual moments in those that will fully immerse themselves in the music, the total number of songs is based on the spiritual significance of the number “7” and the music that has been created is meant to serve as one continuous global prayer thus informing the title of this 7 track EP; “PRAYER WARRIORS”. Let the healing begin. 

Connect with Prayer Warriors:

Instagram: @prayerwarriorsza
Twitter: @prayerwarriorsa
Facebook: @prayerwarriorsza

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